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Some of Our Services
Some of Our Services

Cracked Screen Repair

Cracked glass does not only hurt your fingers but can be an eye sore as well. Get your screen fixed before you incur damage to the LCD of the device.


Speaker/Microphone Repair

Talking and driving is just as dangerous and texting and driving. Get your microphone and speaker-phone fixed within minutes today.

Buttons Repair

We replace lock buttons, home buttons, and even volume buttons. Have us take a look at your phone and check if you need a button adjustment or replacement today!

Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery


Sell Your iPhone

Have an iPhone that is collecting dust in your cabinet? Bring it in for an instant quote and instant pay out at our Brooklyn repair shop.

Unlock iPhone

We have serviced customer overseas with unlocks for the past 6 years. Going away? Want to switch carriers? Don’t let your phone carrier tell you what to do!

Data Recovery

Dropped your phone and it doesn’t turn on anymore? Want to fix it just to get data off? Give us a call and have our experts recover your beautiful memories and contacts.

Brooklyn iPhone Repair – 195 Montague st, 14th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Brooklyn iPhone Repair

The Brooklyn iPhone Repair team is ready to fix any mobile device and bring it to the same condition it was in when you first bought it. We have the necessary expertise and experience to repair iPads (Mini, Air or Retina Display), iPhones (6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 5s, 5c) or Samsung Galaxy models (S7, S6, S6 Edge, etc.). No matter the problem, we can fix it for as soon as possible at a very affordable rate.

We are the best smartphone repair shop in NY!

We offer same day service and a warranty for each of our services (excluding water damage repairs) and for each OEM quality part. Speaking of spare parts, we use only the best from the best suppliers. Our certified technicians can not only repair water damage and fix broken screens, but also micro solder components.

If you're in Brooklyn (Downtown, New Atlantic Terminal) or New York (NY), call us today and let’s repair your device!

Why Chose Us
Why Chose Us

Cracked Screen Experts

Quick 15 Minutes Repairs

180 Day Warranty

Any Questions? contact us today!